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The 46th Annual Stanley Fly-In

September 1-3, 2017

See Program Below




Chairman, Phil Chatterton welcomed every one to the 46th Awards Ceremony. We have had an excellent and safe Fly-In in spite of the weather. The attendance has been down but we have had several different types of aircraft on the field over the past few days

Phil thanked all that helped throughout the summer getting the field ready as well as those that worked organizing the event. He thanked those that worked over the weekend in the Registration Building, the Stanley Market, the Clubhouse crew, Tower, Emergency Response Team, the Auction and all the other activies, once again the band EZ BEATS provided us with great entertainment on Friday night. He also thanked Barb and Bob Bishop and Janet and Rob MacAuley for hosting Friday nights Corn Boil, also Aerotec Engines for sponsoring the event.

The Auction was another great success. Thanks to all the members and friends who kindly donated items to this event and to Bob, Kevin and Brian for their magic act of making money disappear from wallets in the audience and reappearing in our Bank Account.

The forums were by Mike Doiron (on General Aviation Operational Threats) and Bernard Gervais (update on COPA), Jason Crowell and Phil Burchin and Mark Lynch on engines and Mark MacIntyre on his Race Plane project, all were well attended.

Norma Chappell reported on activities in the Registration Booth, there were 20 aircraft registered, and 14 campers, we also have three new members, and she thanked her two assistants that helped her all weekend, Susan Ward and Kathy Walker.

Debbie Murley reported that the Stanley Market was very successful and thanked all who brought things in and those that did shifts selling the goods.

The Tower report from Bob Poirier noted that we had 25 a/c on the field on Saturday and he was NOT able to award the Booby Prize to any one this year as there were no candidates for this coveted award. Bob thanked Doug Betts for his help in the tower.

Leonard noted that he sold approx 400 lt of fuel; some people noted that they had seen the note on our flyers that all fuel sold during the Fly-In was sold at Members prices.

Ray Bent, Fred Smith and Wayne Hatch were the A/C judges again this year and although there was a smaller number of A/C on the field they found some worthy of prizes.

FARTHEST DISTANCE FLOWN - Kevin Psutka, in a 1980 Piper Archer, C-FSGY out of Smith Falls, ON

BEST FACTORY BUILT - Wayne MacDougall in a Cessna 210, C-FSPA out of Thorburn, NS

BEST AMATEUR BUILT - Rob McNaught in a CH701, C-GTLU out of Stanley, NS

BEST ANTIQUE CLASSIC was not awarded as there were not enough A/C registered for this category.

STANLEY CUP - (best overall a/c on the field) Tom Sabean in a 2008 Searay, C-GBWL out of Stanley NS.

The penny draw was a tie and was won by Makiah Sparks and Louis Smith, and the Jelly Bean was won by Pearl Hie

The 50/50 draw was won by Sue Pinsent from Moncton and she will be sent a cheque for $192.50.

The Texas Mickey was won by Carmen Barry of Paradise, NS.

Brian Chappell thanked everyone for coming with a special note to acknowledge John and Jo Beer from Madoc, ON.


Contact Phil Chatterton for details

Refer to the Program below to get an idea of what the 2018 Fly-In will be comprised of and its events.



The 47th Annual Stanley Fly-In

Labour Day Weekend

(August 31st to September 2nd)

Stanley Aerodrome (CCW4) is located at the following coordinates.
N 45 06 02, W 63 55 14
Elevation: 95 feet
UNICOM: 122.8
Fuel: 100LL available.


Note details about Stanley at page bottom.



Fly-In Director, Phil Chatterton H: 902-462-8668


President Kevin Layden: H: 902-462-5813



(sample only from 2017)

September 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Note: Program changes are ongoing~

FRIDAY September 1st

1900-2030 Registration Building Open

At 2030

Free Corn Boil

Corn Courtesy

Jason Crowell, President-Aerotec Engines Ltd.*


Music will be supplied by The EZ BEATZ


SATURDAY September 2nd

0700 Canteen opens

0800 ERT Meeting at Clubhouse

0830 Aircraft arrivals

0900 Registration Booth opens

0930 > Displays open - Hangar 1
> Stanley Market (Hangar 2) opens (Saturday only) - (crafts, bake sales, children's events, etc. Sweatshirts, hats and T-shirts for sale on the field)
> Static Displays - Aircraft and glider displays

1100 FORUM - Mike Doiron - General Aviation Operational Threats

1100-1130 Hay Ride (meet at clubhouse)

1300 Kiddies Cake Walk (in clubhouse)


1400 FORUM - Bernard Gervais - COPA Update

1530 FORUM - Jason Crowell/Mark Lynch - Engine related topic

1600 Hayride (meet at clubhouse)

1630 CANDY DROP ( Listen for PA announcements)

1700-1900 Dinner from canteen services

1900-2100 AUCTION in Hangar 1

2100-??? Campfire & socializing

SUNDAY September 3rd

0730 Canteen opens

0800 Aircraft arrivals


1000 Displays open - Hangar 1(Tentative)


1300 TBD


1700-1900 Dinner from canteen services (tentative - depending on demand)

1900-??? Campfire & socializing


1. This program is a guideline only and is subject to change without notice. Any event(s) cancelled on Saturday will be rescheduled for Sunday if circumstances will allow.

2. All pilots are responsible for tying down their own aircraft and we encourage each other to do so.

3. Camping - there is limited water and electrical hook-up, so campers are requested to govern their use accordingly.

4. All pilots are encouraged to register their aircraft. You can not win any prizes or awards unless the aircraft is registered. This is a nominal fee and is used for the upkeep of our facility.

5. Please present you auction items/donations to the staff (Norma Chappell) in the registration booth. Stanley Sport Aviation thanks you for your generous contributions.



Appeal for Volunteers

Debbie Murley


Special Events Director


The Labour Day weekend will soon be upon us, so this note comes as a reminder and a request for volunteers and items for our Hangar Sale tables. I am hoping you will all check your cupboards, basements, attics, and those of your friends, as we are looking for items in good repair to sell.

I am looking for a few volunteers this year to help man the tables, and to help prepare for the fly-in by straightening the club house and the Hilton, including the washrooms. If you can lend a hand, please let me know. Volunteers are vital to the success of our Fly-In

New to You Table:

~ PLEASE - No clothing. These items do not sell and we are hoping to change things up a little this year.

~ Gently used home décor items, personal accessories, kitchen items, etc would be great. Please no cracked or chipped items, and no used candles

~ Children’s toys, games and décor are welcome, but please no used McDonald’s collectibles, as they do not sell, and have an age limit on them that has been removed. We need to be conscious of the safety issues for the children


~ Paperbacks in good shape are good sellers. Please no magazines or periodicals. They are quickly outdated and do not sale.

Bake table

~ Any baked items such as quick breads, cookies, squares, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Homemade Christmas cookies or seasonal (Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving) items, such as loaves, cupcakes or cookies would also be lovely. I’m looking for items that will appeal to our buyers, and I’m hoping if they see these, they will think of their freezers and buy them to tuck away.

~ Our coffee and muffin sale in the mornings has proved to be very successful in the past, so please bring muffins.

Christmas Table

~ I’m trying something new this year. I will be making up some gift bags and boxes that hopefully will appeal to our buyers - a little something for a teacher, paper boy, or neighbour; perhaps a hostess gift.

I would also appreciate gently used ornaments, or décor items to compliment the table. If you have any homemade ornaments or crafts, that would be wonderful

Please bring donations to Hangar 2, on Friday morning (Sept. 4). I should be there by mid-morning.

Thank you so much for all your help. I know we will make this a wonderful and successful event.

See you soon,

Debbie Murley


Special Events Director

2011 Stanley Fly-In Video on YouTube

Click on additional YouTube link below for video of the 2011 Stanly Fly-In

contributed by Mark Campon


Each year, Stanley Sport Aviation hosts two major Fly-Ins

at its aerodrome in Stanley, Nova Scotia.

The first (see below) occurs on Saturday and Sunday during Victoria Day Weekend.

The second, the Annual Stanley Fly-In is held each year on Labour Day Weekend.

This year will be Stanley's 41st Annual Fly-In.

Hope we will see you there.

More YouTube Flights at Stanley

(Note: If you see a yellow star behind Chris Purcell's YouTube video when you click on it; right click and click on 'open in new tab' and it will open in your menu bar.)

Chris Purcell flies his homebuilt Cubby at Stanley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgQLjN-aTw0
Video by Rejean Godin Stanley Fly-In, Stanley Airport, Stanley NS, September 1986 http://youtu.be/po82WuCV_2M

NOTAM & Advisories


Those flying to the Stanley Fly-In on Labour Day Weekend should be aware of the following:

Stanley Aerodrome (CCW4) is located at the following coordinates.
N 45 06 02, W 63 55 14
Elevation: 95 feet
UNICOM: 122.8
Fuel: 100LL available if you are caught short.

CONTACT: Stanley Unicom on 122.8 for advisories.
Clubhouse Phone: (902) 632-2251

There is now a communications tower SE of Stanley-CCW4- which is now noted in the
most recent Flight Supps. The tower's location in Centre Rawdon is:
N 45 02 46.9
W 63 50 12.22
Check your Flight Supp.

The tower is a guy-wired tower, unlighted, 250 feet AGL, 4.2 nautical miles Southeast of Stanley in Centre Rawdon. Centre Rawdon is 470 ASL. Adding the 250 tower presents an obstacle at an altitude of 720 feet above sea level. Those aircraft approaching from that direction and over the tower should make their altitude at 1,720 feet, however the base of the Halifax Control Zone (Mode C)is now at 1,700 feet. Pilots should stay below that and laterally clear of this tower.

IMPORTANT!! It now appears that Stanley's airspace-a 5 mile radius from Stanley-is back to 2,900 feet. So says the VNC Charts and more importantly so does Publications for Transport Canada. The latest VNC Chart ( as of June 3) was issued in November of 2009 and obviously was printed well before that. Though there was a NOTAM -issued in October- which took away the old ceiling of 2,900 feet, this NOTAM must have been recinded.

Note however that Stanley Unicom is legal only to 2,900 feet reflecting that clearence.

There is no longer a glider club at Stanley, consequently, all circuits are now LEFT HAND circuits on all three runways.
The airfield should be dry at Stanley for the Fly-In, however caution in the parking areas is recommended particularly after a couple of days of heavy rain fall.
Because this is a social event with drive-in as well as fly-in traffic, pilots taxiing are advised to watch out for the curious walking around parked aircraft.

Children should be accompanied by an adult and all animals on a leash.