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Saturday and Sunday, Victoria day Weekend

Contact Lianne Neima for details



The 44th Annual Stanley Fly-In

Labour Day Weekend

(September 4,5,6)

Stanley Aerodrome (CCW4) is located at the following coordinates.
N 45 06 02, W 63 55 14
Elevation: 95 feet
UNICOM: 122.8
Fuel: 100LL available.


Note details about Stanley at page bottom.



President Kevin Layden: H: 902-462-5813


2011 Stanley Fly-In Video on YouTube

Click on additional YouTube link below for video of the 2011 Stanly Fly-In

contributed by Mark Campon


Each year, Stanley Sport Aviation hosts two major Fly-Ins

at its aerodrome in Stanley, Nova Scotia.

The first (see below) occurs on Saturday and Sunday during Victoria Day Weekend.

The second, the Annual Stanley Fly-In is held each year on Labour Day Weekend.

This year will be Stanley's 41st Annual Fly-In.

Hope we will see you there.

More YouTube Flights at Stanley

(Note: If you see a yellow star behind Chris Purcell's YouTube video when you click on it; right click and click on 'open in new tab' and it will open in your menu bar.)

Chris Purcell flies his homebuilt Cubby at Stanley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgQLjN-aTw0
Video by Rejean Godin Stanley Fly-In, Stanley Airport, Stanley NS, September 1986 http://youtu.be/po82WuCV_2M

NOTAM & Advisories


Those flying to the Stanley Fly-In on Labour Day Weekend should be aware of the following:

Stanley Aerodrome (CCW4) is located at the following coordinates.
N 45 06 02, W 63 55 14
Elevation: 95 feet
UNICOM: 122.8
Fuel: 100LL available if you are caught short.

CONTACT: Stanley Unicom on 122.8 for advisories.
Clubhouse Phone: (902) 632-2251

There is now a communications tower SE of Stanley-CCW4- which is now noted in the
most recent Flight Supps. The tower's location in Centre Rawdon is:
N 45 02 46.9
W 63 50 12.22
Check your Flight Supp.

The tower is a guy-wired tower, unlighted, 250 feet AGL, 4.2 nautical miles Southeast of Stanley in Centre Rawdon. Centre Rawdon is 470 ASL. Adding the 250 tower presents an obstacle at an altitude of 720 feet above sea level. Those aircraft approaching from that direction and over the tower should make their altitude at 1,720 feet, however the base of the Halifax Control Zone (Mode C)is now at 1,700 feet. Pilots should stay below that and laterally clear of this tower.

IMPORTANT!! It now appears that Stanley's airspace-a 5 mile radius from Stanley-is back to 2,900 feet. So says the VNC Charts and more importantly so does Publications for Transport Canada. The latest VNC Chart ( as of June 3) was issued in November of 2009 and obviously was printed well before that. Though there was a NOTAM -issued in October- which took away the old ceiling of 2,900 feet, this NOTAM must have been recinded.

Note however that Stanley Unicom is legal only to 2,900 feet reflecting that clearence.

There is no longer a glider club at Stanley, consequently, all circuits are now LEFT HAND circuits on all three runways.
The airfield should be dry at Stanley for the Fly-In, however caution in the parking areas is recommended particularly after a couple of days of heavy rain fall.
Because this is a social event with drive-in as well as fly-in traffic, pilots taxiing are advised to watch out for the curious walking around parked aircraft.

Children should be accompanied by an adult and all animals on a leash.